Genetics Plus, LLC
ABS Global Representative
Genetics Plus LLC, an independent representative for ABS Global, has proudly served beef and dairy producers in locations throughout Kentucky and Tennessee since 1998. ABS Global is the world's largest artificial insemination company and we invite you to visit to learn more. Our sales representatives provide timely service and sound advice for our clients. Jason Crowe serves beef producers in the area east of US 127 which includes Lexington, Somerset, Shelbyville and Knoxville. David McGlothlin serves dairy and beef producers across KY and beef producers in Middle Tennessee. Each representative has the experience to earn your business and bring profitable solutions to your herd. Services we offer include -Semen from ABS and Origen bulls -A.I and Synchronization Services -Insemination supplies -Liquid nitrogen service -A.I. Training We believe that genetics and reproductive management are keys to the profitability of cattle operations.

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Phone : 859-544-3944
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1 Parke Drive
KY - 40475